Saint Luke Society

SLS HQ Holds Video Conference with Members in Russia

Following the successful video conference with members in Nigeria, Saint Luke Society (SLS) held another video conference with members in Russia on the weekend. Dr. Joseph Lee, the Representative of Saint Luke Society International, presided the meeting and a total of 8, including the representative of SLS Russia, joined the conference. During the meeting, Dr. Lee introduced the ministry and cast a big vision by explaining the history, future plans, and major activities of SLS.

Saint Luke Society Korea Holds Online Prayer Meeting

Saint Luke Society hosted a prayer meeting for Christian medical personnel on May 12th. The meeting was presided by the representative of SLS Korea Dr. Myung Seop Shin and he first gave a short message before moving onto praying for the hospital and mission. Also, participating members shared their circumstances and prayed for one another with overflowing grace. One of them shared that it was his first time joining the prayer meeting and it was

SLS Appoints Intern Staff in South Africa

By the grace of God, Saint Luke Society has appointed intern staff in South Africa. Following the appointment of the intern in Nigeria, this new appointment in South Africa is a great achievement for missions in Africa. Having considered that South Africa is one of the G20 nations, it is expected that it will serve as an important strategic country in terms of networking in Africa. The new intern is Dr. Rosemary and she is

Resident Doctor in Russia Becomes SLS Registered Member

By the grace of God, Saint Luke Society received a registered member in Russia. Dr. Ebii Ikenna, who is a resident doctor at the central clinic hospital Yasnevo Moscow signed a membership card. He has been attending the online mentoring programs organized by SLS and showed interest in the vision of the ministry. He is Catholic and has the heart to help others. At the end of the second mentoring program, he was asked if

SLS Representative and General Secretary Appointed in the United States

Saint Luke Society North America is strengthened by the appointment of two leaders, Pastor Samuel Lee as the SLS US Representative and Chris Baton as the SLS US General Secretary. With the new acquisitions of mission centers this year throughout the United States, a big vision of starting the hospital was set before the upcoming General Assembly. Like a mustard seed, the leadership hopes to start the grand dream through prayers. These two newly appointed

SLS Establishes Representative in Japan, G20 Nation

By the grace of God, Saint Luke Society has established a representative of SLS Japan. On Friday 30th, Hirao Jace was appointed to lead a medical mission in Japan, which is one of the G20 nations. This new appointment is a great advancement for the ministry as Saint Luke Society has been striving to pioneer even one more G20 by the Pentecost. Hirao has rich experiences in the medical field with his chiropractic profession, with

SLS Latin America Starts Coordination To Receive Help From Church Minister P. Gonzalo Parrado

In order to reach more members and to grow the ministry, SLS Latin America will begin to work in planning activities and evangelism for Health professionals in Bolivia with the help of the missionary from the church, P. Gonzalo Parrado, who showed great interest in to be of helping SLS. SLS leadership and P Gonzalo began co-working by contacting a group of nurses from the city of La Paz so that when the restrictions inherent

Saint Luke Society China Holds Online Bible Retreat

On June 25, 2020, St. Luke Society China held an online Bible retreat and members from Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Heilongjiang, and Qingdao participated in this Bible study. Pastor Kang, from SLS ministry HQ gave bible study for this retreat and the messages were delivered from the book of Romans chapters 5-8. During the bible lectures, Pastor Kang once again explained in detail about the justification by faith, the theory of representative, the function of

SLS Latin America Focuses on The Evangelism Of New Members

As an effort to reach the goals established by the SLS leadership and representatives, Latin America reached four people who are currently receiving Bible studies in Latin America, Stefany, a 20-year-old veterinary student in the city of Santa Cruz, Bolivia, Solange, 25-year-old nurse also from Santa Cruz Bolivia and Dr. Claudia 32 years Bolivian who currently lives in the USA. The good news is that a medical student in the city of Iquique in Chile,

SLS Sets Up Intern Staff in Nigeria

On May 15th, Saint Luke Society headquarters appointed an intern staff in Nigeria The appointment came after a meeting in which Dr. Joseph Lee explained the vision and plan for a medical mission in Africa to the newly signed registered member. Dr. Afuye came to know Saint Luke Society through Dr. Peter, the representative of Commonwealth of Independent States region and he testified that Dr. Afuye will be a good candidate for the intern staff.