Saint Luke Society

Dr. Wu of St. Luke Chinese Medicine Clinic Offers First Aid Training


On September 25, Dr. Wu Luke from St. Luke’s Chinese Medicine Clinic was invited to Shenzhen Lamb’s Home, which is a day-care center to conduct a First Aid training.

Dr. Wu explained the changes in vital signs when a human body encounters an emergency, and the on-site treatment of the wounded after calling the emergency call, including cardiopulmonary resuscitation for adults and children, hemostasis and bandaging of wounds, suffocation, and cramps, and lastly, he introduced some commonly used family first aid medicines.

Through First Aid education, teachers came to have a basic understanding of human anatomy and how to respond to an emergent situation. Dr. Wu shared: “Through this training, I hope that the teachers can learn to react to emergencies in preparation for the situation where medical aid is needed.