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SLS Latin America Reports New Member In Chile

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By the Lord’s grace, SLS in Chile was blessed to have contacted a person for Bible studies. Abigail Cepeda is a 29-year-old clinical laboratory technician who is very interested in having in-depth Bible studies. She is also a daughter of Pastor parents of a Church in Rancagua, a community near the capital of Chile.

Some time ago God called Abigail to learn more about the Bible through a group in which missionary of the Emanuel Church from Colombia is administrating.
Pastor Manuel had the opportunity to study the Word fervently with her and she showed a beautiful heart and overflowing love for others, shares Pastor Manuel. She already studied 6 bible studies of the book of Romans during the meeting. Abigail’s father was present at the meeting to help with her mild hearing impairment.

Abi shared that it is a great blessing to have found a ministry like SLS, a place where members unite in service to the Lord and to work for His Kingdom in the health sector. The Meeting was filled with Grace and joy. SLS Latin America shared, “We feel very blessed to welcome Abigail and we want to reach out to more people like her to open a chapter in Chile and Latin America.