Saint Luke Society

Medical Mission

Healing Hands

St. Luke Society organizes an annual overseas short-term medical mission called ‘Healing Hands’ with a gospel-oriented mind. We know that there are many people who are in great need of medical help for various reasons, be it limited access to medical services or poor medical infrastructure. St. Luke Society brings them the care that they need and serves them with the heart of Jesus. We also provide mission training so that doctors and volunteers are acclimated to the mission field and equipped with protocols before they go on a mission. 

Hospital Mission

The hospital is a place where medical professionals can practice and reveal the love of God. We wish to establish the ideal hospital with a culture of Christian values so that patients can receive the respect and care as individuals created in the image of God. Saint Luke Society also aims to build hospitals on every continent to facilitate the international network and to train many doctors. Currently, SLS has established clinics and hospitals in the U.S.A, China, and Korea to provide quality medical care to missionaries around the world. SLS will strive to establish many more health care centers to further the works of healing. 

Campus Mission

Saint Luke Society is also active in campus mission at medical, dental, and nursing schools. Just as the author of Ecclesiastes says to remember one’s Creator in the days of youth, it’s important to know God in one’s early days. For this purpose, SLS holds Bible studies and student fellowships on the campuses to raise future Christian medical leaders.