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SLS 10th Leadership Seminar Concludes with Great Success

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The 10th leadership seminar which, was hosted by Saint Luke Society concluded with overflowing grace.
The seminar was held online and the open chat room was created before the seminar which drew around 100 participants from different cities. The seminar was given by Director Park Byung Eun with the title, “Lord, please change my spouse”. The covered subjects include faith and family, how to raise a child, and conflicts between spouses.

Director Park shared in the seminar how to bring a biblical approach when dealing with the above matters and answers to inquiries submitted by the participants. She also shared that a happy family can be established when a husband loves his wife and a wife obeys her husband. Also, they both need to dwell in God’s love.  A Husband needs to acknowledge his weakness and inability to fully love his wife, therefore, he should first meet God who loves him as he is. A wife also should acknowledge her inability to obey and seek God’s help.

She then added, “When we hold onto the mercy and forgiving love of God, only then do we gain strength to take care of our spouse and children.”
After the seminar, one of the participants shared, “I could feel the lecturer’s hands-on rich experiences of counseling and I liked the contents of the seminar which gave solutions to marital issues and I was able to reflect myself upon. I’m thankful for the beneficial seminar.”