Saint Luke Society

SLS Concludes First Half of the Online Romans Lecture Series


On October 13th, Saint Luke Society Korea concluded the first half of the Romans online Bible series with the last lecture given from chapter 8. It is learned from the Bible that apostle Paul urges us to have a conviction that we are under God’s blessing that is multifold. Also, it is learned that even though we do not know what we ought to pray for, because the Holy Spirit is always with us, we should seek grace from above.

One participant shared, “Through today’s message, I came to realize how great God’s love is. When I pray, I shall seek God’s Kingdom and His righteousness first and receive help from the Holy Spirit. Apostle Paul said that suffering will lead us to seek God and He can even turn evil to good. I wish to have firm faith by believing in God’s predestination.”

Another participant shared, “I’m thankful for God’s calling, which came to me regardless of how I am and going further, I’m grateful for his multiple blessings. Also, instead of getting frustrated at my own insufficiencies, I should rather acknowledge that I can’t reach sanctification on my own, but seek God’s grace.” Saint Luke Society will resume the lectures which will cover Romans chapters from 9 through 16.