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SLS Latin America Distributes Corona Hope Kits From Korea to Local Children

Saint Luke Society Latin America received ‘Corona Hope Kits’ from SLS Korea, which contains hand-made facial masks for children, mask straps, toothbrushes, etc. They were made and prepared by the Healing Hands student volunteers in Korea as a part of a collaborative medical mission project between Korea and Bolivia. Upon receiving the kits, the mission team of SLS Latin America visited a pediatric hospital in the city of Santa Cruz and met with children hospitalized

SLS Latin America Offers Dedication Service For The Mission Center

After an unceasing search effort for the mission center in Latin America, God granted the center in the city of Santa Cruz, Bolivia, which is going to be a mission hub where many medical students and professionals can be raised. After the successful legal process, and the refurbishment of the building, Saint Luke Society Latin America held the dedication service for the mission center on August 31st. The service was given both online and on-site

SLS Korea Gains Mobility With 1000 Volunteers

Saint Luke Society Korea has been actively recruiting volunteers, as they are expanding the network of a medical mission called Healing Hands. The recent medical mission drew over 200 volunteer applicants, and 26 of them have been designated as campus representatives of the Healing Hands. Through their network, Saint Luke Society Korea was able to recruit more volunteers, and the number reaches almost 1000 as of now. With the increasing demand and participation of the

Saint Luke Society Africa Serves Local Community in Nigeria

On 19th June 2021, Saint Luke Society Africa organized and conducted a one-day medical mission in a village called Odeda, which is a small remote village located close to the city of Nigeria, Africa. The mission outreach was organized to give medical attention and care to those who are less privileged for getting medical services. To undertake the mission, SLS Africa actively recruited and formed a team of local nurses, doctors, and pharmacists. The one-day

SLS Korea Conducts Medical Mission On Campus

On June 20th, Saint Luke Society Korea conducted its medical mission at Kookmin University, located in Seoul capital of South Korea. The mission was planned and executed in an effort to help the overseas students studying at the University who have difficulties getting the medical attention that they need due to various reasons, especially during the pandemic period. The medical mission was joined by the recruited volunteers from across the different campuses, SLS members, doctors,

SLS Latin America Concludes Medical Mission With Great Success

On May 9th, Saint Luke Society Latin America has successfully concluded the two-day medical mission in Paco Island, which is located 102km from the city of La Paz, the capital of Bolivia. The mission was carried out in collaboration with Youth For Christ (YFC), which is a global Christian network closely working with youth in spreading the Gospel. In this collaboration, SLS Latin America led the medical mission and provided the residents of the Island

SLS Latin America Holds Online Seminar On Covid-19 Vaccination

Saint Luke Society Latin America organized and offered an educational seminar for members of SLS Latin American. Dr. Jhonatan Camacho from SLS Argentina shared a general summary about SARSCOV-2 and COVID 19 to begin the seminar, followed by its treatment and immunization. Most of the members in Latin America attended and also shared about management and the differences in the care protocols in different health levels of each country. It was a good opportunity for

SLS Latin America Reports New Member In Chile

By the Lord’s grace, SLS in Chile was blessed to have contacted a person for Bible studies. Abigail Cepeda is a 29-year-old clinical laboratory technician who is very interested in having in-depth Bible studies. She is also a daughter of Pastor parents of a Church in Rancagua, a community near the capital of Chile. Some time ago God called Abigail to learn more about the Bible through a group in which missionary of the Emanuel

Brochure for SLS Japan Completed

Recently, Saint Luke Society has made the international brochure in PDF form to promote the ministry and for evangelism purposes. Now it has been made available in Japanese. The original English script was translated into Japanese and made into a brochure to be used and promoted by SLS Japan for distribution. It is expected that it will be used as a precious evangelism tool in reaching out to many medical practitioners in Japan. SLS will

SLS Hosts the 3rd Medical Dreamer with Participation of 150 Students

On January 16th, 5pm (Korea local time), Saint Luke Society hosted the first online lecture of two for the 3rd Medical Dreamer, drawing 150 students from across the nation. SLS has been organizing Medical Dreamer every year and this is the 3rd one, which took place online. Many students from across the country who are dreaming to become medical personnel applied for the program. Prior to the first lecture, students received a program orientation video and brochure