Saint Luke Society

SLS Latin America Dedicates New Mission Centre in Bogota


On June 21st, the dedication service for the Mission Centre in Bogota, Colombia, took place. It is a source of great joy to witness the establishment of this mission centre, which will not only serve as a platform for evangelism among university students but also establish itself as the Saint Luke Society (SLS) Latin America headquarters.

The newly established mission center is strategically located within a 10-minute walk of one of the main universities in the health sector of Colombia. The mission center will house the offices for mission, education, and business to facilitate mission growth.

The dedication service was presided over by SLS Dominican Republic Leader Nayeli Vargas. The intercessory prayer was given by SLS Latin America General Secretary Dr. Thamara Duran, and the sermon was delivered by SLS Latin America President Pastor Daniela Ortiz. The sermon was based on 2 Chronicles 6, which records Solomon’s prayer during the dedication of the Temple to the Lord.

“It is a great moment of joy, but it is also a moment to commit ourselves to a great responsibility. We must be obedient and give our lives in obedience and as living sacrifices, just as the people of Israel did during the dedication of the Temple. May the Lord use us to reach out with the gospel and form many leaders in this Mission Centre,” said Pastor Daniela Ortiz.

SLS Latin America offers thanksgiving to the Lord for His faithfulness and mercy, asking for His provision for all needs and for strength to serve with even greater diligence in reaching out to those serving in a medical sector.