Saint Luke Society

Saint Luke Society Celebrates Easter Sunday Globally


The Saint Luke Society (SLS) networks celebrated Easter Sunday globally in their respective regions. Members and leaders of SLS participated in Easter retreats, where they deeply meditated on the messages of the cross and the resurrection of the Lord, which form the foundation of the SLS mission.

These retreats took place in Korea, China, Colombia, Brazil, and the United States concurrently from March 29th until Easter Sunday on the 31st. During the two nights and three days of the retreat, SLS members delved into profound messages about the path of the cross, learning the significance of the Lord’s death and the life granted through His resurrection. Attendees were empowered by the lectures and gained renewed strength for the expansion of their mission.

Following the Easter Sunday service, a testimonial session allowed members to share their reflections on the grace they received during the retreat.

SLS is once again motivated by the love and resurrection of Christ, which serve as the driving force for the mission. SLS will continue moving forward toward Pentecost, spreading the Gospel.