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Saint Luke Society Korea and China Conference Held in Shanghai, China

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On May 5th, Saint Luke Society (SLS) conference took place between Korea and China in Shanghai, China. This was the first such meeting in eight years for Korean members to visit China. The regular conferences between Korea and China had been temporarily suspended after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, with the easing of pandemic restrictions, this meeting was able to take place once again.

The meeting was held in a conference room on the morning of May 5th. The sermon for the Sunday service was delivered by Dr. Shin Myung-Seop, the representative of SLS Korea. Dr. Shin emphasized the need for SLS to proclaim the gospel again in this era where the gospel is distorted, to inherit the history of the first emergence of the medical mission society in China, to revive Christianity, and to become true brides of Christ.

Following the sermon, there were vision presentations from SLS Korea and China. Dr. Shunwen Zheng, the representative of SLS China, stated that both old and new members were present at the meeting, so he focused on presenting the history of SLS China. He organized and presented the activities of SLS from its founding in China until now. Dr. Shin Myung-Seop not only presented the history of SLS but also spoke about how the ministry has developed, as well as presenting future mission strategies and visions.

Next, there was a time for testimonials, in which several members from Korea and China shared their faith journeys and how the Lord has worked in their lives as His vessels in revealing the gospel. Following the testimonials, there was a prayer session where members united their hearts and offered sincere prayers for the development of missions and hospitals in Korea and China and for their continual collaboration in medical missions in the Asia Pacific region.

SLS members then proceeded with sightseeing in Shanghai and Nanjing for the next couple of days and enjoyed pleasant fellowship, strengthening their bond.