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SLS Establishes SLMG BIO Corporation

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SLMG (Saint Luke Medical Group) BIO corporation is an R&D entity with its major focus on the efficacy of oriental medicine and pharmaceuticals.

SLMG has been launched with a business plan to research and manufacture food and pharmaceuticals. Currently, the business has been incorporated and the transfer of the patent on dysuria is in process. The next goal is to register the business as a venture company.

The C.E.O of the SLMG BIO Dr. Soyoung Jung shared, “When I used to work at Inae Korean Medicine Clinic, I wanted to bring both biblical and scientific elements into the oriental medicine. For that purpose, I performed clinical trials in parallel with writing a thesis on that subject and prepared for a patent. Such research played a huge role in laying a foundation for the SLMG BIO Corporation. Oriental medicine has many limitations but I saw how it can be of benefit and resourceful for developing new medicine. God gave me a dream for developing new medicine and a pharmaceutical company and I’m grateful that we can start this Bio company. It is like a small seed now but I believe that God will fulfill that dream. Also, thinking about how God will perform great work through this company, my heart is trembling with great expectation.”

A pharmaceutical company is an indispensable institute for the SLS mission. SLS is praying for its development.