Saint Luke Society


Mentoring Program

We all need a  mentor who can give us the right direction and counseling that is based on the Bible.
Even doctors and medical health caregivers need mentoring as they fulfill their daily tasks. Our mentors are medical professionals who have rich experiences in their area of expertise with a desire to imitate the life of Jesus, who is our perfect mentor. There are mentoring programs not only for medical personnel but also for medical students
and teens who wish to enter medical school and pursue a medical career. In addition, to overcome the limitations of short-term medical mission, SLS couples the Healing Hands project with a mentoring program with local medical students. In this way they can receive the gospel even beyond the medical mission. With the common ground
as medical personnel, students are more open to receive the gospel.

Leadership Seminar

We wish to raise leaders who are not only experts in the medical field but also in the broad spectrum of life so that they can lead many people accordingly with equipped knowledges. For this purpose, we invite experts in various fields and hold regular leadership seminars covering diverse topics such as ‘hospital management’, ‘communication skills for patients’, ‘euthanasia’, and ‘building a biblical family,’ and many more.   

10 Minute QT

It’s easy for medical personnel to become spiritually dry and stagnant as they lack fellowship with God due to their busy lives. Saint Luke Society offers 10 Min QT on their official website, which is a collection of audio Bible messages so that members can have a quiet time (QT) with God wherever they are, at the hospital, cafe, subway, bus, and etc. The message is only 6 to 8 minutes long so busy professionals can be supplied with the word without feeling burdened about time. Hope you can enjoy the richness of spending time with God from short yet profound meditation on the word.