Saint Luke Society


1)  Medical doctors are entrusted with the healing authority of God

2)  To heal is to carry out the love of God

3)  We establish a Christian medical community of people who share the same vision 

4)  Mission is the focus of all the ministry works 

5)  We place a priority on the spread of the gospel over humanitarian activities

6)  We set up leaders who demonstrate firm Christian faith in each country

7)  We recruit people from all fields related to medicine and medical mission 

8)  We proactively collaborate with churches and para-churches for the establishment of the Kingdom of God 

9)  We regard businesses as mission for mission’s sake

10)  We plan mission strategies with the foundation of biblical teachings

11)  We contribute to medical mission by improving members’ health

12)  We strive to raise Christian medical personnel

How is SLS different from others?

Why Society?

We are a society where people share a common vision and have a communal life rather than a fellowship centered gathering. For successful medical mission, a broad spectrum of life should be taken into account such as business, society, culture, and education, with consistent development.

Why do we need a medical mission society?

With the increasing number of countries that restrict mission activities, the need for professional missionary work is also growing as it can be the medium to bring the gospel to anti-Christian fields. In this regard, medical mission is imperative in the today’s era. Also, it is likely that medical students and medical personnel cannot receive proper care from the church due to their unique circumstances, such as academic overload and regular burn-out. Therefore, a medical mission society is beneficial for medical professionals to gain rest and strength with mutual understanding, and relevant faith training.

What is the difference between SLS and other medical mission fellowship?

St. Luke Society prioritizes Bible study because the answers to many of our life struggles can be found in the Bible, and only the truth of the Holy Spirit can change us. Through systemic Bible study and faith training, members of SLS learn about the spirit of the cross and the love of God. Therefore, they can inherit the spirit of the early church and devote themselves to the Kingdom of God, living a communal life, and continue living a mission-oriented life even after they become medical personnel.