Saint Luke Society

SLS Korea Conducts Medical Mission On Campus


On June 20th, Saint Luke Society Korea conducted its medical mission at Kookmin University, located in Seoul capital of South Korea.

The mission was planned and executed in an effort to help the overseas students studying at the University who have difficulties getting the medical attention that they need due to various reasons, especially during the pandemic period.

The medical mission was joined by the recruited volunteers from across the different campuses, SLS members, doctors, and university officials and provided medical services in the medical areas of internal medicine, orthopedics, dermatology, Korean medicine, and dentistry. The mission concluded with great success with positive feedback from the recipients of the medical service.

Saint Luke Society shared that they were pleased to have offered the very help that overseas students needed. SLS Korea also expressed its will to continue to contribute to the local community with medical help. It is expected SLS will conduct more active medical missions with the gradual lifting of pandemic restrictions.