Saint Luke Society


If our vision appeals to you, become part of Saint Luke Society today by signing up with our membership card. Through the membership, you can participate in our programs and activities and receive benefits that are exclusive to members only. 

Benefits include our membership tiered educational curriculum; it consists of basic, maturing, and leadership courses. If you are a beginning Christian and want to learn about the Bible, the basic course will teach you the Christian worldview and four spiritual laws, which is the frame of the Bible. Then you can advance to the next two levels, which include intensive in-depth learning of the Bible and training.

SLS also provides various programs, such as leadership training, overseas medical mission trips, and more. The SLS medical mission program also equips participants with further medical education and training. By joining SLS, you gain access to our global network of medical professionals and healthcare providers. 

If you wish to become a member, you can contact us and one of our staff will arrange a video conference with you that consists of our ministry presentation and the signing of our membership card.