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SLS Latin America Concludes Medical Mission With Great Success

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On May 9th, Saint Luke Society Latin America has successfully concluded the two-day medical mission in Paco Island, which is located 102km from the city of La Paz, the capital of Bolivia. The mission was carried out in collaboration with Youth For Christ (YFC), which is a global Christian network closely working with youth in spreading the Gospel.

In this collaboration, SLS Latin America led the medical mission and provided the residents of the Island with the medical services and supplies that they needed. For this mission, medical professionals, including neurologists, dentists, general practitioners, and nurses were recruited as volunteers and around 300 local residents received medical care in this small community of Paco Island.

Members of SLS Latin America and volunteers sacrificially served them with the love of Christ, which the residents later testified that the medical mission was the answer to their prayer. The community and the authority members thanked the team of SLS Latin America and invited them for future medical missions.

Saint Luke Society Latin America will endeavor to deliver the love of Christ and be a contributor in leaving a positive impact on the local community and society so that the gospel can reach many who are in need.