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SLS Latin America Concludes 4-Day Medical Mission in La Guajira, Colombia.

On May 4th, 2022, the medical team of Saint Luke Society Latin America arrived in La Guajira, Colombia to conduct a 4-day medical mission in collaboration with NGO Jubilee Foundation Canada and Mission Life Colombia. Through the collaborative project, a total of 500 children in the poorest region of the Caribbean coast of northern Colombia received medical attention and treatments. SLS medical team consisting of three doctors, two nurses, and a dentist served the children

SLS Latin America Holds Its 4th Anniversary Service in Colombia

It has been four years since Saint Luke Society pioneered Latin America and established a chapter in Bolivia. Since then, the mission has grown and expanded to neighboring countries such as Chile, Peru, Colombia, and Argentina. On May 3rd, Saint Luke Society Latin America held its 4th anniversary service in Bogota, Colombia where members of SLS from different parts of the continent joined and celebrated together for what the Lord has done for the mission

SLS Africa’s First Online Medical Webinar Draws Over 100 Participants

On April 9th, Saint Luke Society Africa conducted its very first online medical webinar in an effort to evangelize medical students in Africa with the theme of hypertension management and the conflict between faith and medicine in the medical field. The event was promoted using the personal network of the current SLS members in Nigeria and Kenya, as well as on Instagram. Following the active promotion, over 100 participants including medical students and doctors joined

SLS Africa Conducts 3rd Medical Outreach

The SLS Africa chapter conducted its 3rd medical mission on the 11th of March 2022, which was slated to be a small medical mission aiming to promote sound and uninterrupted education in our children in Nigeria. The theme of the outreach was ”promoting Healthy community” and it was performed at Abesan government sports ground, Abesan estate Alimosho, Lagos. The program was targeted to keep children healthy to ensure their regular presence in school while keeping the

Joint Prayer Meeting by SLS Members Across Two Continents.

“For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”Matthew 18:20. On the 19th of February,2022, a joint prayer meeting that encompassed members of SLS across two continents; Africa and Europe was held online via zoom. Members of SLS Kenya, Nigeria, and the United Kingdom, with the host being the Nigerian Chapter gathered at noon West African Time, to gather together in the Lord. The prayer

SLS Africa Conducts 2nd Medical Mission

On December 4th, SLS Africa concluded the year by organizing the second medical mission outreach in a community called Abule Egba in Lagos, Nigeria. It was a historic day with as many as 29 SLS members showing up to help the local community and they include doctors, nurses, pharmacists, dieticians, and public health specialists. At the end of the medical mission, Dr. Peter Obaleye, the representative of SLS Africa gave a ministry presentation to the

SLS Korea Successfully Conducts Medical Mission at the Multi-cultural Family Support Center

On November 7th, Saint Luke Society Healing Hands conducted a medical mission for foreign laborers working in Korea. It took place at the multi-cultural family support center in the city of Icheon. It was the second domestic medical mission performed this year. It was made possible with the alleviated social distancing restriction placed by the government. The medical mission was joined by the medical team of St. Luke Hospital and two outside medical personnel. Additionally,

SLS Latin America Distributes Corona Hope Kits From Korea to Local Children

Saint Luke Society Latin America received ‘Corona Hope Kits’ from SLS Korea, which contains hand-made facial masks for children, mask straps, toothbrushes, etc. They were made and prepared by the Healing Hands student volunteers in Korea as a part of a collaborative medical mission project between Korea and Bolivia. Upon receiving the kits, the mission team of SLS Latin America visited a pediatric hospital in the city of Santa Cruz and met with children hospitalized

SLS Latin America Offers Dedication Service For The Mission Center

After an unceasing search effort for the mission center in Latin America, God granted the center in the city of Santa Cruz, Bolivia, which is going to be a mission hub where many medical students and professionals can be raised. After the successful legal process, and the refurbishment of the building, Saint Luke Society Latin America held the dedication service for the mission center on August 31st. The service was given both online and on-site

SLS Korea Gains Mobility With 1000 Volunteers

Saint Luke Society Korea has been actively recruiting volunteers, as they are expanding the network of a medical mission called Healing Hands. The recent medical mission drew over 200 volunteer applicants, and 26 of them have been designated as campus representatives of the Healing Hands. Through their network, Saint Luke Society Korea was able to recruit more volunteers, and the number reaches almost 1000 as of now. With the increasing demand and participation of the