Saint Luke Society

SLS Korea Conducts Healing Hands Medical Services


On May 14th, Saint Luke Society Korea conducted a philanthropic medical service at the Cheonan Foreign Workers Support Center in Korea. This initiative aimed to provide free healthcare assistance to foreign workers in need.

The volunteer service involved the participation of Dentist Na Kyung-Hwan from SLS, along with five external medical professionals, and 17 dedicated Healing Hands volunteer students. SLS had previously established a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Cheonan Foreign Workers Center, solidifying their commitment to serving the medical needs of underserved foreign workers.

During this volunteer service, approximately 60 patients received treatment across various departments, including dentistry, oriental medicine, internal medicine, pharmacy, and pre-diagnosis. SLS has observed a consistent growth in the number of medical staff expressing their willingness to serve as affiliated personnel of SLS. Notably, several of these individuals were participants in the Healing Hands program held in the Philippines in February. Newcomers to the Healing Hands initiative expressed their appreciation for the well-organized operations of the medical service and expressed their desire to consistently contribute, as they found the experience rewarding and fulfilling.

Among the three core pillars of SLS, namely Teaching, Preaching, and Healing, SLS remains actively engaged in building the Kingdom of God through its Healing ministry. SLS aims to provide solace to patients in pain, reflecting the compassionate heart of Jesus and revealing God’s love through their actions.