Saint Luke Society

SLS Korea Campus Club Leaders Visit St. Luke Hospital


Saint Luke Society wishes to raise young leaders who can lead the global medical society with passion and truth. For this purpose, SLS has established SLS campus clubs at different universities and provides Bible studies and outreach activities called ‘Healing Hands’ to students of medicine-related colleges. As the new year began, student president and vice-president were newly elected, especially at Semyung University.

New student leaders are Oriental Medicine students and they were invited to visit St. Luke Hospital and Healing Hands mission center in Seoul to better engage with the ministry and learn the global networks of SLS and gain insight into its ministry works. SLS will provide them with the resources and support for growing the campus clubs, through which many young medical students can be trained and partake in medical outreach. SLS Korea will extend the invitation to many other schools so that student leaders can better communicate and receive the support needed. The newly elected student president shared that he was able to see the direction of the campus mission and was greatly encouraged to manage the SLS club.

SLS prays that through such effort, many young leaders can be raised who can make an impact in medical society.