Saint Luke Society

SLS Healing Hands Conducts Medical Mission in The Philippines


By the grace of God, Saint Luke Society successfully concluded the medical mission Healing Hands, which took place in the Philippines on the 4th and 5th of February. For this 2-day medical mission, doctors of SLS Korea and China teamed up with recruited medical professionals and student volunteers. They together treated 600 local residents in the Bulacan Pandi with a population of 155,115 people according to the 2023 census. The medical mission was carried out in collaboration with Jesus World Mission Church (JWMC) with the support of Mapulang Lupa Barangay.

During the medical mission, service was offered in the area of internal medicine, dentistry, dermatology, oriental medicine, and pharmacy. 80-90% of the adult population exhibited hypertension and many of them also had dermatological diseases.

Rev. Sungkwang Lee of JWMC expressed his gratitude for the medical mission conducted by SLS sharing that it was a great help to the residents. The Barangay government office in the Philippines also delivered certificates of appreciation to the volunteers. At the end of the mission, SLS established MOU with JWMC and Mapulang Lupa Barangay respectively for future collaboration.

SLS will continue its effort to reach out to people who are medically underprivileged and carry out the love of Jesus. At the same time, SLS will endeavor to expand its networks by recruiting more volunteers who can be part of the ministry.