Saint Luke Society

SLS Korea Successfully Conducts Medical Mission at the Multi-cultural Family Support Center


On November 7th, Saint Luke Society Healing Hands conducted a medical mission for foreign laborers working in Korea. It took place at the multi-cultural family support center in the city of Icheon. It was the second domestic medical mission performed this year. It was made possible with the alleviated social distancing restriction placed by the government.

The medical mission was joined by the medical team of St. Luke Hospital and two outside medical personnel. Additionally, around 20 student volunteers from the medicine-related colleges participated in the areas of initial diagnosis, usher, and doctor’s assistance, etc.

The medical mission lasted for three hours from 2 pm and offered medical services in the area of internal medicine, dentistry, Korean medicine, and orthopedics. Before the medical service, volunteers received education for their given position. On this day, over 40 foreign workers received treatment and they are from countries like the Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, and China. In addition to the medical treatment, they received the prescribed medicine and toothbrush and paste as a gift.

Following the medical mission, a group photo was taken as well as the interview with the volunteer students. Also, a feedback session was prepared to receive feedback for future improvement. The foreign workers who received the medical services expressed their gratitude and student volunteers (healers) shared that they were happy to help others who need help.

SLS shared, “We are very happy to be able to help workers who don’t receive medical benefits, especially during this time of the pandemic. The commission of SLS is to treat people with the love of God. Through such activity, our vision is to make SLS known to many people and lead them to the path of the medical mission. We wish to expand the boundary of the SLS mission and going further, we hope that a door can open for evangelizing many medical professionals.