Saint Luke Society

On 19th June 2021, Saint Luke Society Africa organized and conducted a one-day medical mission in a village called Odeda, which is a small remote village located close to the city of Nigeria, Africa. The mission outreach was organized to give medical attention and care to those who are less privileged for getting medical services.

To undertake the mission, SLS Africa actively recruited and formed a team of local nurses, doctors, and pharmacists. The one-day mission, which started early in the morning drew over 400 patients and gave them public health lectures, free eyeglasses, and prescribed medications. The locals who received medical attention ranged from children to elderlies with various physical sicknesses.
The community delivered their sincere heart of gratitude to SLS for their act of love and kindness in caring for the local people with selfless service. The community invited SLS again for their future medical missions. Another great achievement made by SLS was to receive ten volunteer doctors as official members of Saint Luke Society.

Those doctors were inspired by the vision and hope in the ministry and they wanted to be part of SLS by signing a membership card.
Saint Luke Society Africa gives all the glory to God for his intervention and help during the medical mission. SLS will continue to spread the message of the Gospel by reaching out to people who are in need of help.