Saint Luke Society

SLS Latin America Offers Dedication Service For The Mission Center


After an unceasing search effort for the mission center in Latin America, God granted the center in the city of Santa Cruz, Bolivia, which is going to be a mission hub where many medical students and professionals can be raised. After the successful legal process, and the refurbishment of the building, Saint Luke Society Latin America held the dedication service for the mission center on August 31st.

The service was given both online and on-site in the presence of pastors, leaders, and SLS members from Asia, Latin America, and the U.S.A with overflowing blessings of God. Pastor Simon Kim delivered a grace-filled sermon based on the scripture from Luke 4:40 and the passage from Matthew 4: 24-25 where Pastor Kim called SLS as a ministry of love and healing but most importantly a ministry of action with the Word of God. Following the sermon, there was a time of koinonia where members had fellowship together sharing blessings

A ministry presentation was also given as part of the dedication service by Dr. Venoni, the representative of SLS Latin America. She shared the commission and vision of Saint Luke Society and plans how the mission center will be preciously used to save souls and to contribute to the local community. SLS Latin America gives thanks to God for the new mission center where great blessings will be shared with many in Bolivia and other parts of Latin America.