Saint Luke Society

SLS Africa Conducts 2nd Medical Mission


On December 4th, SLS Africa concluded the year by organizing the second medical mission outreach in a community called Abule Egba in Lagos, Nigeria.

It was a historic day with as many as 29 SLS members showing up to help the local community and they include doctors, nurses, pharmacists, dieticians, and public health specialists. At the end of the medical mission, Dr. Peter Obaleye, the representative of SLS Africa gave a ministry presentation to the volunteers and seven of them signed the membership card and became the official members of Saint Luke Society Africa.

On that day, around 300 people including children from the community came and received various medical checkups and treatments, as well as public health education. The community leaders appreciated SLS for their medical services and the act of carrying out the love of Christ with their medical talents.

Saint Luke Society Africa was able to not only make its public presence known to the local community of Abule Egba but also expand its ministry by recruiting more members who are dedicated to knowing Jesus and serving people. SLS will continue its effort to fulfill its commission, which is to spread the Gospel with the medical talents and resources and to raise members as true disciples of Christ with the SLS education curriculum.

Saint Luke Society Africa gives all the glory to the Lord for making this event successful in caring for and comforting his people. SLS Africa will use this opportunity to expand its network for future medical mission outreach.