Saint Luke Society

SLS Africa Conducts 3rd Medical Outreach


The SLS Africa chapter conducted its 3rd medical mission on the 11th of March 2022, which was slated to be a small medical mission aiming to promote sound and uninterrupted education in our children in Nigeria.

The theme of the outreach was ”promoting Healthy community” and it was performed at Abesan government sports ground, Abesan estate Alimosho, Lagos. The program was targeted to keep children healthy to ensure their regular presence in school while keeping the parents healthy to ensure they are able to go to work in order to pay the fees of their children. This great event was attended by more than 800 people as the program was done simultaneously with the community sports day. 

SLS Africa had 9 members and 4 new volunteers comprising of Doctors, Pharmacist, Nutritionist, and Physiologist. The medical treatment and checkups of over 250 patients, acute management of Emergency of 4 patients, and health education were performed. The overwhelming numbers were due to the local support of the community schools and Leaders. The outstanding news of a Christian medical community called SLS was constantly being mentioned on the public address system. The message of Christ was well received by the public and their sincere appreciation was rendered. Furthermore, SLS African was able to recruit three new members that felt fulfilled by the medical mission they participated in. 

In conclusion, SLS Africa conducted interviews among the parents and sports participants to listen to the impact that SLS made throughout the outreach and the Sports Event. Gifts from SLS HQ were also distributed to over 500 children and the excitement in the air was immense.