Saint Luke Society

SLS Korea Gains Mobility With 1000 Volunteers


Saint Luke Society Korea has been actively recruiting volunteers, as they are expanding the network of a medical mission called Healing Hands.
The recent medical mission drew over 200 volunteer applicants, and 26 of them have been designated as campus representatives of the Healing Hands. Through their network, Saint Luke Society Korea was able to recruit more volunteers, and the number reaches almost 1000 as of now.

With the increasing demand and participation of the student volunteers, SLS is expected to operate the medical mission on a larger scale, therefore be able to offer medical care to many of those who need help and who are vulnerable. As part of the effort, SLS hosted an online meeting on July 17th with 400 student volunteers and gave a briefing on how the future mission will be operated and a briefing on the education curriculum that they need to undergo.

Following the meeting, Dr. Myung Seop Shin, the representative of SLS Korea shared in his reflection that it is very hopeful to have recruited this many volunteers that will give SLS Korea mobility and flexibility in carrying out the mission. Saint Luke Society Korea will continue to endeavor to carry out the love of Christ through Healing Hands. The next medical mission is scheduled to take place on September 5th.