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Saint Luke Society Korea and China Conference Held in Shanghai, China

On May 5th, Saint Luke Society (SLS) conference took place between Korea and China in Shanghai, China. This was the first such meeting in eight years for Korean members to visit China. The regular conferences between Korea and China had been temporarily suspended after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, with the easing of pandemic restrictions, this meeting was able to take place once again. The meeting was held in a conference room on

Saint Luke Society Celebrates Easter Sunday Globally

The Saint Luke Society (SLS) networks celebrated Easter Sunday globally in their respective regions. Members and leaders of SLS participated in Easter retreats, where they deeply meditated on the messages of the cross and the resurrection of the Lord, which form the foundation of the SLS mission. These retreats took place in Korea, China, Colombia, Brazil, and the United States concurrently from March 29th until Easter Sunday on the 31st. During the two nights and

SLS Confirms Medical Mission in Mongolia

Saint Luke Society (SLS) Korea has regularly conducted overseas medical missions over the past years, and SLS plans another one in Mongolia in July this summer. Mongolia has a population of approximately 3.3 million, with many individuals in need of medical attention, especially in rural areas. To offer them medical services and to spread the message of Gospel, SLS has confirmed its collaboration with The Mongolian Evangelical Alliance (MEA), an organization that represents a coalition

Empowering Youth: SLS Healing Hands Campus Initiative

Saint Luke Society (SLS) Korea endeavors to spread the message of the Gospel among young students on campuses through Healing Hands, a medical outreach program in which students can participate and utilize their medical knowledge and talents. By recruiting members, SLS aims to involve many students so that they not only bring a positive impact to society but also gain the opportunity to join SLS membership and be raised as leaders with the Word of

Healing Hands: Successful Medical Mission in Olango Island, Philippines

The Healing Hands, a relief project of Saint Luke Society (SLS), successfully conducted a medical mission in Olango Island, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, Philippines, on January 27th and 28th, 2024. The mission provided free medical services to over 500 local residents and marked the fifth overseas medical mission organized by Healing Hands in the Philippines. Despite its proximity to Cebu City, Olango Island lacks adequate medical facilities, leaving many residents without access to healthcare. The medical

SLS Members Commemorate Christmas Globally

The members and leaders of the Saint Luke Society joyously celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ during a worldwide Christmas retreat. Across the US, Asia Pacific, and Latin America, participants actively engaged in praise and worship, attended Bible lectures, and took part in prayer meetings, and enlightening sermons. The event, held from December 22nd to 25th, was a testament to overflowing grace and the love of the Lord, fostering an atmosphere of heartfelt gratitude for

EMAK Seminar Successfully Held in Korea

The seminar titled ‘Cheongra Spirit and Free Korea’ hosted by the Evangelical Medical Association of Korea (EMAK) and managed by Saint Luke Society took place successfully on November 25th at Gwangjin Central Church in Daegu, Korea Following the worship service in Part 1, there were welcoming remarks by President Shin Myung Seop of EMAK, followed by a lecture delivered by Elder Jeon Jaegyu. Elder Jeon, a theologian and a medical doctor who served as the

SLS Healing Hands Conducts Preparatory Site Visit for the 5th Medical Mission

The 2-night, 3-day trip took place in the Olango Island region, a 30-minute boat ride from Mactan-Cebu International Airport in Cebu, Philippines. The preliminary visit was conducted in collaboration with the local Korean missionary, Pastor Lee Seong-gwang, in preparation for the medical mission. The mission will be carried out in partnership with the Olango Zion Church on Olango Island. To ensure the safety of the medical mission on the island, the team met with representatives

SLS Concludes the 21st GA with Abundant Grace

The 21st SLS General Assembly concluded with an overflow of God’s grace on September 17th. This year, the GA was held onsite for the first time in a few years since the pandemic began. This time, the GA was conducted by each region in a hybrid format, combining both online and in-person participation.  This year’s conference brought together delegates from different continents, combining both online and offline sessions. The theme for the 2023 GA was

SLS China’s Medical Outreach in Kunming City: Bringing Comfort to the Community

On August 25th and 26th, Saint Luke Society China carried out their first medical service event in Kunming city, Yunnan province. Pastor Simon and a dedicated team of seven doctors from SLS China participated in this three-day initiative, which was organized under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. After more than two months of preparation, SLS China established a meaningful partnership with the “Morning Light Gospel Center” in Kunming. This center specializes in assisting individuals