Saint Luke Society

Empowering Youth: SLS Healing Hands Campus Initiative


Saint Luke Society (SLS) Korea endeavors to spread the message of the Gospel among young students on campuses through Healing Hands, a medical outreach program in which students can participate and utilize their medical knowledge and talents. By recruiting members, SLS aims to involve many students so that they not only bring a positive impact to society but also gain the opportunity to join SLS membership and be raised as leaders with the Word of God.

On February 17th, SLS Healing Hands hosted a gathering for Healing Hands campus student representatives. On this day, representatives from 14 out of 30 pioneered universities participated. The meeting began with greetings from President Dr. Shin Myeong-Seop, followed by a presentation on the various activities of Healing Hands, including domestic and overseas medical missions. Also, volunteering activities organized by each campus from the previous semester were shared, along with upcoming plans for the year.

As time passes, Healing Hands activities are becoming more diverse, such as domestic and international medical outreach, relief activities, book clubs, life-ethic movie screenings, briquette delivery volunteering, hospice volunteering, and volunteering at nursing homes for each university. SLS plans to continue developing various activities tailored to students’ needs.

During the meeting, gratitude was expressed to representatives who served their term, and there was also an appointment of new representatives who will recruit new members and organize Healing Hands activities on their campuses. SLS prays that numerous youths will come to know the Lord through such efforts.