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SLS Latin America Seeks Collaboration with Local Church

To seek expansion and growth of the Saint Luke Society in Latin America, the representative reached out to an affiliated local church minister in Chile. A meeting was organized in which they talked about possible collaborative ways to facilitate ministry growth. First of all, the representative of SLS Latin America gave a presentation about the ministry structure and membership level and its qualification. Following the presentation, a list of medical students and doctors who are

Saint Luke Society Organizes a Meeting for Latin America Leader and New Member in Argentina

Saint Luke Society Organized a Meeting with representative of SLS Latin America and newly registered member in Argentina. Dr. John was evangelized in Argentina and was connected to SLS by a local minister. Since then, he joined a mentoring program and a ministry introductory presentation before he signed a membership card. The meeting was arranged to connect him to the continental leader of Latin America Dr. Venoni. In the beginning, they were introduced to each

SLS Holds Basic Life Support and Preventive Healthcare to Church Congregaion

As a part of this year’s goal, the Saint Luke Society in New York started its medical education to the collaborating church congregation. The full course is training for Basic Life Support and preventive healthcare. The Saint Luke Society in NY is preparing for trainings for members for Basic Life Support for four weeks, through once a week session. These trainings include the following: 🚑Course 1 : Acting in an emergency; Preventing Disease Transmission; Check

Saint Luke Society has uploaded the final version of the Mentor Doctor video on YouTube

Doctors of Saint Luke Society participated in the video recording titled, “Why did I become a doctor?”. In this video, they shared their mindset and motivation on why they wanted to be a doctor. They also shared about the reward and satisfaction they receive as doctors. Saint Luke Society shared, “We wish to use the YouTube channel as a precious evangelism tool through which not only do we deliver the useful medical information, but also

Saint Luke Society is pleased to have received a new registered member from Nigeria

  Dr. Robinson Frankleen is a doctor currently working in the city of Yola, Nigeria. He was introduced to SLS by the local intern staff and had an introductory session with SLS international leadership. At the end of the meeting, he was invited to a Bible study in which he learned a message about the image of God. Following the Bible study, he signed a membership card of Saint Luke Society. With the addition of

The 9th Christian Leadership Seminar Concludes with Abundant Grace

  On 11th, Saint Luke Society hosted the 9th leadership seminar for Korean Christian Medical Professionals with a topic of “Love and Marriage Guide for Christians” The seminar was broadcasted online and the open chat room was created specifically for the participants who will join online. The number of participants in the chat reached approximately 100, which led to active online participation. The seminar was delivered by a lecturer Lee Wha Seop from Christian Marriage

SLS China Holds Online Lecture for High School Students and Draws 500 Participants

On July 25, St. Luke Society China hosted a live broadcast for high school students who are planning to enter medical college and explained different majors they can take in the medical field. On this day, a total of 500 people, including parents and people who are interested in the activities participated in the live broadcast. This live broadcast was part of an effort for SLS China to use an online platform to find high

SLS HQ Holds Video Conference with Members in Russia

Following the successful video conference with members in Nigeria, Saint Luke Society (SLS) held another video conference with members in Russia on the weekend. Dr. Joseph Lee, the Representative of Saint Luke Society International, presided the meeting and a total of 8, including the representative of SLS Russia, joined the conference. During the meeting, Dr. Lee introduced the ministry and cast a big vision by explaining the history, future plans, and major activities of SLS.

Saint Luke Society Korea Holds Online Prayer Meeting

Saint Luke Society hosted a prayer meeting for Christian medical personnel on May 12th. The meeting was presided by the representative of SLS Korea Dr. Myung Seop Shin and he first gave a short message before moving onto praying for the hospital and mission. Also, participating members shared their circumstances and prayed for one another with overflowing grace. One of them shared that it was his first time joining the prayer meeting and it was

SLS Appoints Intern Staff in South Africa

By the grace of God, Saint Luke Society has appointed intern staff in South Africa. Following the appointment of the intern in Nigeria, this new appointment in South Africa is a great achievement for missions in Africa. Having considered that South Africa is one of the G20 nations, it is expected that it will serve as an important strategic country in terms of networking in Africa. The new intern is Dr. Rosemary and she is