Saint Luke Society

Saint Luke Society Holds Global Medical Conference In Korea With International Delegates 


From October 27th till November 2nd of 2022, the Saint Luke Society Global Medical Conference took place in Korea with international delegates and leaders joining from countries such as the U.S.A, China, Japan, Bolivia, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Nigeria, and Kazakhstan. The SLS Medical Conference began with the theme “For I am the LORD, Who Heals You.” from Exodus 15:26, and it was a time when delegates could gather in person and summarize the mission of the year and join conferences for mission expansion and networking. 

The conference began with the opening service followed by mission reports delivered by each leader. Also, delegates joined the conferences consisting of keynotes, strategy discussions, case studies, and prayer sessions. Special lectures were also given on the topics of ‘Leadership’ and ‘Best Practices For Medical Personnel’, with the latter covering the legal knowledge required for setting up SLS and establishing hospitals. 

Through the SLS Global Medical Conference, leaders could clearly set up the mission goal of the following year and establish a network among themselves for further expansion. During this time, SLS reaffirmed its mission of bringing the Gospel to medical society and raising Christian leaders who will be able to impact individuals and communities in the medical arena.