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Third Korea Medical People’s End-of-the-Year Party Concludes

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The third Korea Medical People’s End-of-the-Year party held by Saint Luke Society concluded with abundant grace, through which they shared what God has done for SLS and makes plans for upcoming 2016. SLS has been serving the community through great unseen sacrifices. In response to this, God has blessed the SLS Medical Foundation the Saint Luke Hospital. With two great pillars set up, SLS is approaching a big dream to reveal God’s healing power to the whole world as an international medical fellowship.

Myungseob Shin, the representative of Korea SLS, delivered a message with a title ‘Rejoice in the Lord’. “To rejoice in the Lord is a privilege for Christians. We want to give glory and gratitude to God and may our ministers receive peace through faith,” he said. “Many struggles of faith were fought through in order for us to finally attain victory,” Joseph Lee, the representative of SLS International said. “We came to realize God’s providence. We have experienced many barriers and faced hardships, however with prayers, everything went well according to God’s predestination. God gave me a precious commission and I will do my best to bear abundant fruits in the coming year.” Soyoung Jung, director of Inae oriental hospital, reflected: “We had a lot of worries and anxieties and that led us to pray a lot and come to see in the end that God fulfilled everything. I always thank God for using someone shabby like me. I want to be a worker for the Kingdom, holding onto the great commission”. Kyunghee Kim, a new employee for Saint Luke hospital, also joined the gathering, allowing SLS to gain more co-workers. “If was a great challenge for me to attend this gathering, however, I thank God for allowing me to attend the precious gathering.”