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The First Saint Luke Society General Assembly Concluded with Priority of World Medical Mission

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The first Saint Luke Society General Assembly concluded gracefully. The conference schedule was bookended by services and included a special lecture, regional presentation, and the conference activities.

At the special lecture, Dr. Joseph Lee, Saint Luke Society International Representative, delivered the vision of ‘preaching, teaching, and healing’. Medical mission is highly related to preaching, and it has the potential to reach people across Africa and the Middle East.

Regarding the teaching aspect of the Saint Luke’s Society’s vision, the goal is to establish medical & pharmacy colleges to raise medically-trained Christian personnel who will serve in both mission field and our hospital. Notably, medical supplies are essential, and the society is, therefore, planning to establish a company to support its objectives.

Medical care is the hospital’s ministry, which is to serve ministers, the people of God, and citizens of the world. ¬†Also, the society has firm faith, community, strong HQ and global networks, which can differentiate it from others.

After the special lecture, the regional report and conference activities followed. They discussed their membership goals and their plans for developing the hospital and clinic.

Also, another agenda was the ‘basics of faith’ like meditating on the Word of God, prayer, and the daily devotion to rely

only upon

God. One member shared, “Since us, doctors have many duties, it is easy for us to neglect our faith. However, without faith, our life will become meaningless and incomplete. So, we should hold onto our standards strictly.”

Dr. Joseph Lee preached the Closing Service sermon with a message from Luke 11, describing the persistent widow. He emphasized, to reach our goals, we should cling on to our God no matter what circumstances we face.

God encouraged and refreshed the attendees throughout the conference, and gave them a renewed sense of purpose. As Olivet enters a new era, settling mission, education, and business, the Saint Luke Society is entrusted with the welfare of the people of God. They are dedicated to building the Kingdom of God.