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The 9th Christian Leadership Seminar Concludes with Abundant Grace

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On 11th, Saint Luke Society hosted the 9th leadership seminar for Korean Christian Medical Professionals with a topic of “Love and Marriage Guide for Christians”

The seminar was broadcasted online and the open chat room was created specifically for the participants who will join online. The number of participants in the chat reached approximately 100, which led to active online participation. The seminar was delivered by a lecturer Lee Wha Seop from Christian Marriage and Love Institute. In his seminar, he delivered a message of joy and benefits of marriage, value of family, efforts for building a biblical family, structure for happy family, and the Kingdom of God.

Upon concluding the seminar, one participant shared, “I thank the lecturer for his seminar. It was a time that I discovered the meaning of love and marriage once again with joy and fun. It was a time full of grace.”