Saint Luke Society

The 18th SLS General Assembly Concludes with Great Success


On September 26th, the 18th General Assembly of Saint Luke Society concluded with the overflowing grace of God.

The theme of the GA was “Go and make disciples of all nations.” The GA this year took place online and it began with the remarks made by the SLS International representative Dr. Joseph Lee, followed by pastor Hae Ju Kang’s sermon, video presentation, continental mission reports, and prayer time.

Firstly, Dr. Lee welcomed and acknowledged all the delegates by continent before inviting Dr. Myung Seop Lee (Representative of SLS Korea) to give an intercessory prayer. During the sermon, pastor Haeju Kang delivered a message titled, ‘Go and make disciples of all nations’. Taking the main scripture from Matthew 28:19-29, pastor Kang affirmed that we ought to be the disciples of Jesus, not a crowd that follows Him. He then explained that we should make disciples with whom we can bring God’s Kingdom together that God has been dreaming of. Lastly, pastor Kang exhorted the GA invitees to imitate the life of the disciples who boldly preached the message of Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God to make disciples. Following the sermon, a short video clip was presented showing the last two GAs and activities of the Healing Hands.

For the mission reports, reports were given in the order of Asia Pacific, East Asia, the U.S.A, Latin America, and C.I.S. The representative of Asia Pacific Dr. Myung Seop Shin presented the major achievements and activities of 2020 and plans for the year 2021. What followed next was the report given by Dr. Shunwen Zheng explaining the current situation of East Asia, five major ministry works of 2020, and plans for 2021. In the U.S.A report, pastor Samuel Li introduced the ministry and the major mission activities, as well as the medical mission performed at the local churches. For Latin America, the representative Dr. Venoni presented the mission in Bolivia and strategies for the next year. Lastly, Dr. Peter gave a report for the C.I.S and Africa explaining the history, achievements, challenges, and goals.

In addition, the SLS Representative Dr. Joseph Lee gave a report for the headquarters and presented the direction of the Saint Luke Society International and the goal of establishing 1000 members and 10,000 members. Following the HQ report, pastor Eliana Kim, the General Secretary of SLS led a prayer meeting with the below-shared prayer topics.

1. To pray for the unity of SLS members.

2. To achieve mission goals next year.

3. To bring the Gospel to the Medical Personnel and the medical fields around the world.

4. To pray for the Covid-19 pandemic to end soon and for those who are suffering.

Lastly, Dr. Lee delivered closing remarks and the online SLS General Assembly, which lasted for two and a half hours concluded with a group photo. One new member who was recently evangelized shared his reflection, ” I was blessed at yesterday’s meeting. The G.A was and remains a blessing. I was inspired for more impact. God bless you.” Saint Luke Society shared, “Usually, any online activity can encounter technical challenges but by the grace of God, the GA concluded smoothly without any technical glitch and we are thankful for that. We could also feel the presence of the Holy Spirit at each session and we give thanks to God who made this year’s GA successful with his helping hands. The 18th SLS General Assembly Concludes with Great Success.