Saint Luke Society

SLS Shares “The Grand Plan” in HQ for the Future: Clinics, Hospitals, SLS Center, SLS Housing and More


Saint Luke Society in headquarters held a conference with the key leaders. The General Secretary of Saint Luke Society, Mr. Chris John, who held a presentation and proposal to leaders, shared the “Grand Plans” of the Saint Luke Society in the future to come.

The plan includes: SLS International Website Development, Purchase of Clinics, Purchase and Renovation of Hospital, Establishment of OU Medical Schools, Expansion of Clinics and Hospitals Globally, Development of SLS Housing, Development of Saint Luke Society Center, SLS Internship, Burial Renovation, and HQ Clinic and Office.

In summary, the plan consists of the development of new infrastructures and systems that will be essential for the Olivet Community. Here is the summary of the list of the SLS projects that are currently presently ongoing and will occur in the future:

SLS international website development is the first priority of SLS to finish, which includes professional public website and the continuation standard of reporting in online. The website is to be used for public information, recruitment, and such.

The buying of clinics as a priority will occur in few months’ time. To be used only by members for treatment such as dental, birthing, treatment, and etc.

Purchase of Hospital outside and renovation of HQ Hospital will happen in the future. The main use for the hospital is to treat members only. To be used for treatments, birthing, and to death of members.

Burial site renovation close to Hospital will also develop in the future and without destroying or altering the previous graves that buried. To be used mainly by members who passed away.

The OU SLS Medical School, as SLS wants to bring our community to medical degrees such as nursing, radiology, EMT, and such. The location will either in HQ Campus or Riverside Campus.

Development of SLS Housing, it will be provided for the doctors, medical workers, medical practitioners, and SLS members and officials. This provides comfortability and higher chance of recruitment, and will be located in HQ.

The development of Saint Luke Society Center will be the main headquarters for all SLS members. This provides daily conferences, retreats, internships, meetings, and recruitments. The proposal for the location was decided in HQ.

HQ Clinic and Office, is soon to be renovated in HQ. The infrastructure will be used for office and basic emergency treatments only such as burns, traumas, scrapes, and such. Also will be the location to store medicines.