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SLS Mass Evangelism in Haiti with Free Medical Treatment and Diagnosis

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In North America region, Saint Luke Society in Haiti held their mass evangelism event in the church’s community clinic to give free medical treatment and diagnosis to the those who attended the event. In addition, the attendees also received the greatest healing of all which is the blood and the word of Jesus that was shared.

The clinic opened its doors to offer primary care attention from 8 AM to 5 PM to the community members in Port Au Prince. In the event, there were many community participants, a number of volunteers, and church members who joined the mass evangelism event.

After the gospel-sharing with the attendees, the Saint Luke Society presented their vision and mission to those waiting for the medical service. The ministry invited the community to join the organization and use their skills and share their talents for the Lord.

Pastor Jean, main head of the church shared, “It was a great event with a lot of blessed persons and let us see the big need in Haiti”

While people were waiting the church minister shared the blessings about Mathew 4:23. “God in his precious love and mercy doesn’t see only physical health but also spiritual health. That is why when Jesus walked through Galilee healing sickness he also saw the spiritual need teaching and preaching the Gospel so they can repent and receive salvation…”

“…to conclude the message we shared about how important it is for people to take care of their bodies but also and even more important their spiritual bodies because that is the most important thing for God”

The medical attention was gratefully received by the attendees, most of them are in great need of medical services but they are too far from a clinic and doesn’t have money to go to the hospital.

The Saint Luke Society in Haiti recently started this year, as they hope to achieve to break through mission and gain new members through the events. With God’s grace, the church was able to find a donated Clinic, and thus the mass evangelism started as soon as possible.