Saint Luke Society

SLS Latin America Starts Coordination To Receive Help From Church Minister P. Gonzalo Parrado


In order to reach more members and to grow the ministry, SLS Latin America will begin to work in planning activities and evangelism for Health professionals in Bolivia with the help of the missionary from the church, P. Gonzalo Parrado, who showed great interest in to be of helping SLS. SLS leadership and P Gonzalo began co-working by contacting a group of nurses from the city of La Paz so that when the restrictions inherent in the Coronavirus Pandemic are over, they can start with a presentation and evangelism meeting. They started with a lot of hope, to have many opportunities and also to be able to continue with the prayers in hospitals that used to be carried out as an activity in the Emanuel Church in La Paz, Bolivia. “It is a great blessing to start helping” says P. Gonzalo. We hope to have progress soon and results for the Kingdom, the more servants we are as a team, the easier it will be to reach more people to be blessed with the Word of God and through SLS Latin America.