Saint Luke Society

SLS Korea Hosts International Conference


On May 24th, Saint Luke Society Healing Hands hosted an international conference with the title, “US Health Care System and Attaining Nursing License in the U.S”

The conference hosted around 100 volunteer students in Korea and it was presided by Dr. Soo Jung Kim. The lecturers include Dr. Samuel Lee, a specialist in urology from California, and Yang Yoon Jang, a nurse working in San Franciso, CA and they gave lectures on the said topics respectively. Also, Chris Baton, SLS U.S member who has rich experience in nurse assistance, ICU, and medical records gave a lecture on the topic of US medical cases and examples.

First of all, Dr. Samuel Lee explained in his lecture the history of the U.S health care system and how it was developed and established in the capitalism setting. He also mentioned Obamacare and explained the current reality of the Healthcare System in the U.S.

Following the first lecture, a nurse Yang Yoon Jang delivered the second lecture in which she explained how to gain a nursing license in the U.S including detailed procedures. She then compared the work responsibilities and working conditions of nurses in the U.S and Korea.

Lastly, Chris Baton gave a lecture and spoke about Medicare and Medicaid and their medical benefits followed by medical costs for various surgeries, such as kidney and liver transplants, spinal cord, and coronary artery bypass graft.

Students who joined the conference shared that it was very informative and useful that they could learn a lot about the health care system in the U.S. SLS will continue to host such conferences to support and raise them as global leaders as they participate in the SLS activities.