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SLS Korea Hospital Developing Into Higher Level of Service

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The Saint Luke Society Hospital in Korea is preparing to develop and expand their programs as well as their current infrastructures. The expansion will be on the Health Examination Center and the current Chiropractic program of the Hospital will also be developed.

The hospital planned to prepare the health examination center to a higher level of treating patients. Previously, the staff conducted simulations for the endoscopes, equipment used to look inside the body through a screen, to check for quality and if functions are up to standard.

Moreover, other materials were discussed to be improved upon, and to promote the chance of patients leaving in a satisfactory and thankful heart.

Furthermore, the Saint Luke Hospital known for its great standard of Chiropractic procedures will be adding new things to the program.

With the additions to the programs and expansion of the facilities, more patients will be coming and will continue to trust the overall Hospital.

Saint Luke Hospital shared “For now, we reach the safety line. So, we should develop to the next level. Therefore, we planned to carry out the higher qualitative medical system for many kinds of patients and then develop a superior medical service.”