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SLS Korea held 5th Medical Leadership Seminar

SLS Seminars

SLS Korea held a Medical Leadership Seminar at the end of January 2018. The subject of this seminar was ‘the management leadership for Christian doctors’. SLS Leadership Seminar for doctors was the fifth seminar of the series, with theme necessary for doctors and medical workers.

Previously, the SLS held seminars on the history of medical mission, parenting, biblical interpretation of oriental medicine, and bioethics.

The fifth seminar’s presenter was Park Choel, a professor in Korea University’s Department of Management School.

In his seminar, Prof. Park shared the virtue of Christian management such as creation, accountability, benevolence, justice, trust, and the Sabbath. He also emphasized that many Christians follow the money, which is obeying the false image of Mammon.

“If you follow Mammon, you can’t earn money. If you want to earn money, you should follow the concept of the bible and share values with others.”

One of the attendances shared “If I knew this concept of management before, there would be fewer problems in the hospital. Sharing values for staffs and patients are very important for the development of the hospital.”