Saint Luke Society

SLS Holds Basic Life Support and Preventive Healthcare to Church Congregaion


As a part of this year’s goal, the Saint Luke Society in New York started its medical education to the collaborating church congregation. The full course is training for Basic Life Support and preventive healthcare. The Saint Luke Society in NY is preparing for trainings for members for Basic Life Support for four weeks, through once a week session. These trainings include the following:

🚑Course 1 : Acting in an emergency; Preventing Disease Transmission; Check the Victim; Recovery Position;

🚑Course 2 : Bleeding and Wound Care; Shock; Burns; Bone, Joint and Muscle Injuries;

🚑Course 3 : Head and Spine Injuries; Sudden Illness; Poisoning and Allergic Reactions; Cold and heat Emergencies;

🚑Course 4 : Rescuing and Moving Victims; CPR and AED; Choking

The first course will be starting from 6:30 PM to 7:30 focusing on the prevention of the spread of infectious disease, how to find vital signs and the right normal numbers, and how to put the patient in a recovery position in case of emergency. One leader shared, “We are hoping that through this medical education, the members can be prepared in case of emergency, as well as to prevent accidents before happening.”