Saint Luke Society

SLS Establishes Representative in Japan, G20 Nation


By the grace of God, Saint Luke Society has established a representative of SLS Japan. On Friday 30th, Hirao Jace was appointed to lead a medical mission in Japan, which is one of the G20 nations. This new appointment is a great advancement for the ministry as Saint Luke Society has been striving to pioneer even one more G20 by the Pentecost. Hirao has rich experiences in the medical field with his chiropractic profession, with which he served many members. He is expected to join SLS international meetings and make a network and evangelize doctors in Japan who are prepared by God. Below is his reflection upon his appointment as SLS Japan representative.

“I was appointed as the representative of Saint Luke Society Japan. My professional field is Chiropractic and depending on the countries, I can either be recognized as medical personnel or not. But what matters to me is to heal people. Previously, I wanted to give indirect help in the mission field by offering health care and counseling to members but I felt lonely as I could not share my professional knowledge. However, with this new appointment, I’ll be able to communicate with SLS members with the same will. I’m also thankful for the opportunity to open up a door to establish a hospital in Japan. I give thanks to God for leading me and I wish to unite well with the ministry and members.”

Saint Luke Society is giving thanks to God for opening up the mission in Japan and praying that God will bless Hirao and the mission as he takes on his new roles as the SLS representative Japan.