Saint Luke Society

SLS Conducts 2nd International Conference


On August 16th, SLS Healing Hands hosted 2nd international conference titled, “Medical System and Healing Hands Activity in Latin America.” It was organized in collaboration with SLS Latin America to enrich the members of Healing Hands in Korea with the knowledge of the health system in Latin America.

Lectures were given by Dr. Venoni Miranda from Bolivia and nurse Jocelyn Rodriguez from Peru. Firstly, Dr. Venoni presented the history of medical outreach in Latin America, as well as SLS Healing Hands activities. Lectures covered great details such as the definition of medical outreach, ways to overcome poverty and social discrepancy, need for the medical help, and an understanding of cultural differences. Also, she shared various Healing Hands activities, such as helping immigrants from Venezuela and spreading the Gospel to those in need, as well as establishing a standard operating system when conducting the medical mission.

In addition, nurse Jocelyn gave a lecture on the topic of the Health System in Latin America. She presented statistics on the population in Latin countries and the evaluation of their medical system, as well as the need to provide a proper medical system through the advancement of medical skills and technology.

Participants of the conference shared that it was an opportunity to learn about the overall healthcare system in Latin America with statistics and gained insight into medical outreach and its role in reaching out to those who cannot receive medical and social benefits. SLS will continue to help members of the SLS network to grow in knowledge and truth for expanding God’s Kingdom in the medical society.