Saint Luke Society

SLS Colombia Trains Colombian Missionaries On Health Care In The Mission Field


Dr. Daniela Ortiz, the representative of SLS Colombia gave health training to all the members of the mission fields in Colombia as a way to prevent health issues before they go out to pioneer sixteen different countries for church planting.

A need was addressed to educate the missionaries in the basic management of pathologies and symptoms that they may encounter in the mission field, such as diarrhea, dehydration, fever, headache, burns, skin lesions, and allergic reactions, as well as the timely identification of warning signs as they will have difficulties in getting medical attention in foreign countries.

“We trust in God’s care over each missionary, and we prepare diligently so that there will be no setbacks in the mission field as they pioneer new countries bringing the Gospel.” shared Dr. Daniela Ortiz. SLS will collaborate with the local churches in raising awareness of health among the congregation, especially missionaries who will be dispatched to pioneer new countries.