Saint Luke Society

SLS China Holds Online Lecture for High School Students and Draws 500 Participants


On July 25, St. Luke Society China hosted a live broadcast for high school students who are planning to enter medical college and explained different majors they can take in the medical field. On this day, a total of 500 people, including parents and people who are interested in the activities participated in the live broadcast.

This live broadcast was part of an effort for SLS China to use an online platform to find high school students who intend to study medicine. According to Dr. Shunwen, the representative of St. Luke society China, SLS will continue to have online classes and will focus on popular topics such as university time management, postgraduate entrance exams, practicing physician exams, and studying abroad, and so on.

He added that the team wishes to find the people whom the Lord has prepared through this method. Following the live broadcast, 38 people joined the personal WeChat voluntarily. Among them, 6 students expressed their will to stay connected with SLS china for further help.