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SLS China Holds First Meeting in 2016

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SLS China members gathered together to discuss the goals and vision of 2016 and share their plans individually. The vision of SLS China in 2016 is to become stronger and open more ministries to preach the gospel and save souls.

In order to welcome the online APP of “Dr. Luke”(“路加医生”), the leader has set 3 aspects as follows:

  1. To serve oversea missionaries sent by China churches. They plan to mail some daily drugs to their ministries and guide them on how to use them by APP
  2. To serve China members, they can counsel by APP if meeting some problems in medicine. The above 2 are totally free.
  3. To recruit Christian doctors once operating in Market and also give them salary accordingly.

Then they also confirmed the management principles for “Medical Assistance payments” of the establishment of SLS. At last, they also shared their plans for 2016 individually.