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Sung Buk Gu, Seoul. They were there to serve the local community through medical services. The medical services intended to educate them about how to prevent dental diseases and give them clinical advice. Representative Shin who was in charge of dental disease prevention education, emphasized, “For children, a cavity is the most common while it is gum disease for adults. To prevent these, you need to brush your teeth properly and use dental floss regularly. And the scaling and regular check-up from the dentist is also recommended. It is also necessary to reduce to have snacks that may damage your teeth. I really wish that you take good care of your teeth while they are in good condition.“

Later, other SLS members contributed their specialties like family medicine and oriental medicine. Hee Jung Choi shared, “I was worried because one of my feet was in pain whenever I walked for a long time. But after I realized that it was not a severe problem, I was relieved. I am very happy that my teeth are in good shape and I am taller and slimmer than average among my age group. It is really thankful that you guys came here for medical services.” Eun Ji Hwang expressed, “I am thankful that you came despite the very busy schedule. I was depressed these days. It was really good that doctors counseled in a very kind manner and give a guide to my health.”

Team leader of the paternity said, “The kids and the mothers who received the education and medical services were very happy about it. Actually, these are the areas that we can’t take care much usually, it was a great help for us. Thank you.”

Dr. Young Seok Lee mentioned, “It was really good I came to serve after a long time. And I was happy to see the kids who are very bright even though they were growing up with single mothers. I pray that we can serve with many more members from SLS in the future though we are very small in numbers now.” Ji-Ae Kim, the representative of In Ae Oriental Medicine Clinic Pyoung Chon, shared,” I thought it would be rather a dark atmosphere when I just arrived here at the nursery. But in fact, the kids and the mothers were very friendly and bright. I was so thankful about that. I was the one who came to serve, but I actually learned a lot and felt that I should also live resolute and powerful life. I heard that it has been 10 years that this paternity received medical service, the little things we did for them would be a little bit of help for them. Hopefully, this small amount of time we served could be a glory and happiness to God.”

So-Young Jung, the representative of In Ae Oriental Medicine Clinic, expressed, “ I was very happy while I was treating because they were so bright. They were all in good shape and I realized that they have been taken cared well. I really want to pay respect to the mothers. For me, they were so beautiful to live with hope and sacrifice themselves for their kids. “