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Saint Luke Society Korea Holds Lectures For Medical Dreamer

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Lectures of the Medical Dreamer took place at the lecture hall of the Dental Hospital of the Seoul National University in South Korea, which was organized by St. Luke Society. The lectures proceeded with three different faith-based topics, which are future career options, vision, and self-improvement. Many students paid close attention during the lectures. Dr. Joseph Lee delivered the first lecture, titled, “Various Medical Career Path” and he explained various medical careers that students can take  He then added steps that students will take after entering a medical school and the internship. Also, different types of medical-related careers were mentioned, including medical reporter, forensic scientist, and medical technologist.

The second lecture was given by Dr. Soyoung Jung with the topic of “Assurance in the vision”. Dr. Jung mentioned that one needs to be an expert in her/himself. She also mentioned that an individual is the outcome of the past experiences and that of the decisions she or he makes. Those who have confidence in their dream will live a life of passion and gratitude and feeling rewarded.  Lastly, she encouraged students to have confidence in the vision they came to have.

The third lecture was delivered by Dr. Myung Seop Shin. He shared useful advice as to how to study effectively with the title, “Self-Improvement For Fulfilling Dream”. Dr. Shin gave hands-on practical wisdom to improve the study skills, such as managing sleeping hours, creating the optimum study environment and self-disciplining. Besides, he shared tips for time management and keeping the motivation.

Following the last lecture was a time of watching a promotional short video clip of Olivet Teen Mission (OTM). Afterward, students wrote their reflection and answered the survey questions, prepared by OTM before concluding the group lectures.

One of the participating students shared, “When I first found out about the Medical Dreamer, I felt that God had prepared it for me so that I could be one step closer to fulfilling my dream. All the lectures were given in a different style but one thing they shared in common was the message of perseverance. Also, when mentors mentioned God’s calling, I, as a believer received great comfort. I’ll continue to actively participate in the remaining programs.”

Another student shared that it was a time of not only confirming his vision but also a time where he could learn how to study and to live. He also added that the lectures changed his view-point and the course of his life. His dream was to become a lawyer but his parents are doctors but through the lectures, he shared that he came to have a new dream, that is to become a forensic scientist.