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Saint Luke Society had a 2016 New Year Service

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Representative Myung Sub Shin delivered a message titled “Blessed are the meek” base on Matthew 5:5.

Rep. Shin preached that “I wish you to have a humble heart and to be filled with Holy Spirit.” and “In this year SLS will establish a new hospital and will do various things nationally and internationally. Even though the process won’t be easy and there may be stumbling blocks and hardships, I hope you always be humble and meek so that you will inherit the land.”

After the sermon, top 10 news of the year 2015 was shared. SLS also announced the plan for the year 2016.

After the service and presentation, Joseph Lee the representative of SLS international remarked, “I wish that we accomplish our goals with the grace of God which based upon the grace that God had given us last year.” He determined to be victorious only by grace.

Brother Min Hwan Park, who recently entered Junbuk Medical School and became SLS member newly, testified that “I am really thankful that God made my dream to be a medical man and senior members to give me precious advice. I will dedicate myself to studying to prepare medical mission without losing initial motive.”