Saint Luke Society

Saint Luke Society China Holds Online Bible Retreat


On June 25, 2020, St. Luke Society China held an online Bible retreat and members from Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Heilongjiang, and Qingdao participated in this Bible study.

Pastor Kang, from SLS ministry HQ gave bible study for this retreat and the messages were delivered from the book of Romans chapters 5-8. During the bible lectures, Pastor Kang once again explained in detail about the justification by faith, the theory of representative, the function of the law and the gospel, the process of sanctification, the groaning of creation, and the tolerance of the saints. Feedback from all participants was also good reflecting what was taught.

Also, after concluding the Bible retreat, the representative of SLS China, Dr. Shun Wen explained the meaning of becoming a member to Dr. Xiuyan in detail. The Spirit of God worked in the heart of Dr. Xiu Yan. She obeyed God’s call and was willing to become a member in Christ. Members of St. Luke Society in Shanghai joined together to celebrate her commitment to the Lord at the SLS mission center. When the people of God are filled with the truth, I believe that it will be the time that the Kingdom of God is established on this earth. Because of God’s love, people who belong to God can also love each other and become members of each other.